chaslyn. 13. october 7. born & raised in hawaii. <3
idgaf. i'm pretty innocent.. until you get to know tha' real me. :]
justin bieber | taylor swift | drake | bruno mars | nicki minaj | jasmine villegas | rihanna | katy perry | miley cyrus | eminem | chris brown |
so get to know me, not of me.


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erdbeereundkirsche-deactivated2 said: I like the photo of you here, it's really pretty :3
and thanks for following by the way >u< woaahh I love Hawaii, I wish I could live there too. :) I think the people are very nice there ^^ and very open-minded
well okay bye - Nathalie

awww thank you. <33 & you’re welcome. :)

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Drake &amp; Trey


Drake & Trey

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